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Why Us

The Retail Tracker was launched in 2006 after it became increasingly evident that there was a void in the market for In-Store Intelligence.  Our clients–retailers, brands and investors are actively involved managing their businesses to spend the necessary time in the stores, analyzing developments, the competition and emerging trends. At the core of the firm is our daily store walking and online monitoring to deliver opinionated views, proprietary analysis and consulting advice to our clients.

The Madness of Our Method

  • What We see
    In the Stores
  • How to Back It Up
    Fundamental Analysis
  • Who We Talk To
    Companies & Consumers
  • Pull It Together
    Weekly Reports
  • Results
    Strategic and Investment Analysis

Nice To Meet You

Retail Tracker Advisors
  • Debby Cohen
  • Stacey Horowitz
    Specialty Retail
  • Mark Mendelson
  • Steve Richter
    Nomadic Consumer
  • Pam Seidman