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  • Hashtag Holidays: The need for gifts to be hashtag worthy.

    Be it Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday if she did not #postitoninsta she didn’t get it. If she didn’t get it ~ it didn’t matter. If it didn’t matter it’s a problem. Gifts today must be Insta-worthy and with that comes the importance of gifting brands of choice. #cozyugg or #cozybearclaw #imanangel or #maidenform You decide.

  • Insta Generation: A generation living their lives in photos.

    This is a term we have been using to describe a generation of people, roughly starting at 10 years old and lasting until their 30’s.  The phenomenon of Facebook, Insta, SnapChat and the like are based around communication and importantly pictures.  The iPhone is like her personal paparazzi and this generation is camera ready. Hair, make-up and great tops are most important. Thus, while she might spend for the right jeans, she is more likely to buy several inexpensive tops so that she is not always photographed in the same one.

  • Snap Chat Retail: The need to always have something new to wear.

    Fast fashion is the wrong term. When it was first used this term made sense~ retailers like F21, H & M and Zara were very fast. Today, everyone is fast enough. Further trends do not change as fast as the retailers (and editors) would like us to think. Instead the right term should be Snap Chat Retail. Think of this as retailers that provide apparel (tops) that are inexpensive enough to wear a few times (be seen in a few snaps) and then discarded. She does not want to be seen over and over in the same items and thus the imperative to find cheap items has gained attention.