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April 14, 2015

Retail Tracker S.H.O.P.: Intimate Apparel Trend-The Bralette

April 14, 2015

Free People: Festival ready but in their own way~ right. We liked the mix of fringe, leather, denim, white and intimates. We LOVE the floral maxi dress. We love crochet items including a bralettes which seems very popular. They have the right fringe bags and round glasses. Excellent.

May 12, 2015

Free People: Wow the shoes. We love the white lead but we love the new expanded shoe set in this store. It is really outstanding. Some of the new bags are great too. We love cut off shorts, tie dye, dresses, rompers, and some simple tees. Intimates is insane. It’s very white and lacey and sexy and right. Even the jewelry feels really right. On a roll

September 29, 2015

Victoria’s Secret: We wonder at what point does the barely there bra trend hurt VS? Right now VSX remains the lead in one side and it’s a massive display that looks great. The rest of the assortment is more or less consistent with a lot of sexy in the lead. We do like booty shorts and they seem to have increased their assortment of non-underwire and lightly lined. It’s right and looks good but they seem to not highlight it.. In Pink the logo abounds and while we are tired of it for the younger girl maybe it’s still appealing. We know Pink is selling but we are bored.

Urban Outfitters: We like the Fila lead but love the strapless romper, chenille crop, long sleeve lace dress and rompers. There are so many great dresses and skirts. Ribbed tops are the right match. A lamby sweater should be wrong but is so soft it works as do peppier cable sweaters. Flares are starting to make an in roads but basic denim seems to be selling best. Women’s intimates is unreal. Every barely there bra is selling. Truly Madly Deeply knits look good.